Fishing Rules

What a catch!
Our Water Bailiff with his prize 28 lbs Carp !

The picturesque three and a half acre fishing lake is set within 26 acres of countryside and when open you can fish from sunrise to sunset. There are 48 pegs to choose from that attract anglers of all levels of experience. There is access for guests using wheelchairs and pegs may be reserved for those who have difficulty with mobility.

Anyone intending to fish at the Millpond are asked to comply with the following rules:

PLEASE USE: Unhooking Mats, Landing nets, Barbless Hooks Only - size 10 max, 10lb line max, plastic boxes for bait, Free Running Rigs

DO NOT USE: Braid (including braid and silk rigs), Boilies, Keep Nets, Wet Cat and Dog food, Artificial Bait, Radios or Barbeques

Please note no dog walking allowed around the lake.